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Grace Ohikere, M.A., MFT is a dual state licensed mental health clinician based in Nevada who has dedicated her life to helping those suffering from an array of struggles. Ranging from PTSD, Anxiety, LGBTQ+ specific struggles, and more Grace is trained to ensure you get the help you need.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Working collaboratively with Grace, you can find a form of therapy that you are comfortable with, including focused treatment or supportive therapy for individuals. She has strong skills in the area of reducing traumatic memories and other symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Grace utilizes her training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to aid her clients in reducing the intensity of traumatic experiences. She loves to work with individuals struggling with anxiety since she has extensive experience working with those living with generalized anxiety on a daily basis: 

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"East bay therapy was a great experience."

I never was one to give my all to therapy until I met grace. She is a fantastic therapist, very knowledgeable, and supportive. I was able to work true past trauma from my childhood and now I have amazing relationships that I never thought I would have. The location is easy to get to very clean the last time I was there. She has also been following covid protocol and we have still been in contact via face chat. I would highly recommend!

LGBTQ+ Services

Being LGBTQ+ can be hard during these times, and we know that it can be even harder if you feel like even the people you love can’t know how you feel. That’s why Grace has dedicated part of her practice to helping all members of the LGBTQ+ community by allowing her practice and expertise to be a safe place for those just discovering their gender/sexual identity or those who have known their whole life but still need a helping hand. Grace also writes Clinical Letters of Referral for Trans patients and can help with the process of coming out to any family. Grace has worked with families of all religious backgrounds and prioritizes being sensitive to the family and also the LGBTQ+ patient by providing a safe and non-hostile place to talk, learn, and grow.


"Grace is an esteemed colleague of mine. I have had the pleasure of witnessing her dedication, compassion, and commitment to her clients over many years.."

I am so impressed with Grace’s ability to connect with clients, provide validation, and offer support to help engender real change in her clients’ lives. Grace has a way of building trust and rapport with clients that helps them to feel safe with her. She brings her whole self to the work, and is able to be honest and transparent. Grace’s experience of working with individuals with a variety of presenting difficulties and assigned diagnoses help her to challenge and combat the stigma that so often accompanies people’s mental health struggles.

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Couples Therapy

Grace is skilled with helping couples old and new with issues that affect everyone like lack of communication and infidelity. She designs her own couples exercises to help couples deepen emotional intimacy with each other and completely forgive long-standing resentments and hurts from long ago while teaching how to communicate and grow as a couple.

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"Grace is an amazing therapist..."

My partner and I had been rather “stuck” for nearly six months. We were not unhappy, but we were not happy either. Through her premarital survey, my partner and I were able to see more clearly areas that could benefit from growth but also areas in which we excelled. She gave us affirmation that we needed to keep feeling like our choice to be together was a positive decision and also gave us hope;

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Premarital Counseling

Grace proudly teaches a premarital program using the PREPARE/ENRICH Program to help newly-weds prepare for the reality of life after their big day. The completion of this premarital counseling program is show in research to lower the chance of divorce by 30%. A certificate of completion is awarded to program graduates ate the final module is completed. This premarital counseling program satisfies most religious institutions’ requirements but before joining please check with your religious leaders to ensure our program satisfies all requirements.

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At WellMind Clinic, We're an Inclusive Practice

All persons from all cultures, religions, gender expressions, sexual orientations are warmly welcome here and any actions that may make others uncomfortable are strictly forbidden in our practice. This is a safe place for all people.

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