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Compassionate and Affirming Therapy for LGBTQ Community

Grace’s objective at East Bay Area Therapy is to deliver comprehensive and compassionate LGBTQ client-centered mental healthcare. Our motto is culturally conscious counseling, which emphasizes that Grace and her staff are professionals who are welcoming and affirming of diverse sexualities and gender expressions.

LGBTQ Individuals

How Do I Know Grace is "Safe?" Does She Really Know...Know?

She maintains a private practice filled with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and pansexual individuals with various mental health treatment goals, ranging from life transitions and job stress to trauma recovery, identity exploration, and coming out. She has specialty focused clinical experience working with LGBTQ Christians.


"Grace assists queer clients in therapy at the client's pace without any personal agenda. Therapeutic goals are decided together and are collaborative"

Queer Couple Therapy

Things Feel Out of Hand? We Can Help.

At East Bay Area Therapy, we have experience solving complex issues that deserve cultural sensitivity and clinical expertise. We help resolve conflict resolution, improve communication, relationship repair, understanding of each other’s trauma, increase emotional support for one another, power and privilege within the relationship, differing levels of personal growth, differences in story of acceptance of sexual orientation/gender identity, family of origin issues & in-laws, differing levels of comfort being “out” in society & straight passing, coping together with hate speech in public, sex & intimacy Issues, and getting “clocked” and supporting each other.

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Your Commitment to 12 Consecutive Sessions for Lasting Change

​​Many queer couples feel positive and hopeful after the first session or two, and decide that they can take it from there. This is not a band-aid, and they often return, explaining that the good feeling didn’t last or that therapy didn’t work. Queer couple’s therapy sessions are recommended once per week, for at least 12 consecutive weeks, to see a lasting and long-term change of negative behaviors within a relationship. Of course, results vary by couple and circumstances, but this particular number has been studied repeatedly, and published in my profession.

1. Both of you must want to stay in your relationship because you want to be with the other person. You are unlikely to have success if you want to stay in your relationship due to children, religion, finances, property, etc.

2. Both of you must be willing to put in 100% effort in session and outside of session and are 100% committed to your partner.


Individual and Family Therapy for Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Members of the Christian Faith.

A culturally conscious and hate-free zone for personal and spiritual support. We will walk with you through the dark into the light. We create a safe, supportive, and neutral space for open spiritual exploration and reflection.

All session for individual lgbtq are 50 minutes long and the rate is $225 per session. 

All session for couples LGBTQ psychotherapy are 90 minutes long and the rate is $250 per session. 

For Clients Taking Psychiatric Medication

Grace welcomes clients who utilize prescribed psychiatric medications to assist in managing their mental health symptoms. Grace will work directly with your psychiatrist or prescribing physician, as appropriate, to provide a collaborative approach to comprehensive mental health care.

Grace does not provide alternative therapies or certain types of holistic therapy that lack scientific support. She is a strong believer in the application of skilled techniques, and prefers measurable goals, clear progress, and completed work. It is a disservice to the client to provide unsupported psychotherapy techniques, especially while the client is acutely symptomatic. 


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