Adios Anxiety: A Video Series Course


Education, Research-Based Theory, Coping Skills, and Practice to Manage Anxiety

Adios Anxiety: A Video Series Course incorporates education, research-based theory, coping skills, and -in-course practice of newly learned stress and anxiety management techniques. , stress reduction, teaches mindfulness meditation , builds coping skills, and offers in-course relaxation exercises. It is designed for those who would like to learn about psychological principles from a real licensed psychotherapist apply easy-to-learn skills right away. The course focuses on material that would be best helpful for anyone struggling with stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.


Session 1- Introduction (4:40)
The instructor discusses her experience working with anxiety and stress issues and reviews the layout of the course offered.

Session 2 – Where Does Anxiety Come From? (09:22)
The origins of anxiety and stress are discussed from the perspectives of biology, trauma, and modeling. The function of anxiety is explained and differentiated from when anxiety becomes overwhelming or excessive.

Session 3 – Untwisting Anxious Thinking (11:14)
A segment about cognitive distortions which can lead to negative or anxious thinking.

Session 4 – Challenging Automatic Negative Thoughts (06:43)
An instructional segment that shows how to break down the sequence of an anxious thought, challenge it, and replace it.

Session 5 – Deep Breathing, Three Techniques for Relief (16:19)
The instructor teaches 3 different basic breathing techniques to counteract the physical sensations of anxiety and stress.

Session 6 – Easing Physical Tension (13:32)
An instructional exercise for eating physical tension through a physical progressive muscle relaxation.
*Any student with physical pain or illness should observe the segment before practicing the progressive muscle relaxation exercise to assess if it is appropriate. One should always consult with their physician if there have any questions regarding this segment or any other segment on this video series.

Session 7 – Coping With Stress Using the 5 Senses (15:01)
The instructor utilizes sight, sound, scent, and taste to show a variety of easy ways to stay mindful in the present moment with affordable household items.

Session 8 – Mindfulness Meditation (14:39)
A mindfulness meditation exercise for easy listening and relaxation. Students are recommended to find a comfortable place and to listen with their eyes closed or gaze gently at the visually relaxing nature images.
*Please note that this is an audio track taken from the album, Adios Anxiety: Saying Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety, and Panic attacks. If you enjoy this track, you may also enjoy the album which includes an additional track of affirmations for anxiety and stress.

***Please note that this course is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease, mental disorder, or illness. Always seek consultation from a physician should you have any questions about stress, anxiety, or curiosity if this course may be right for you. Do not operate a motor vehicle while viewing this course, as it applies strategies for stress and anxiety-reduction that may promote drowsiness.

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