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The era of pretending mental health isn’t serious is over, so why is therapy still seen as taboo? At WellMind Clinic it isn’t, we proudly provide and serve people of all background, cultures, and identities; in addition, we also treat and provide mental health care in an array of ways like PREPARE/ENRICH COURSE, Clinical Letters of Referrals, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, and more!

Our Healing Environment

Here one thing matters above all: Your wellbeing. WellMind Clinic wants you to get better, but at your pace. As you work with Graciela Yasmin Pacheco, M.A., MFT, she will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe during your sessions from the moment you walk in. As a bilingual Spanish speaking mental health practitioner, Grace is culturally sensitive and has a unique understanding of the pressures, influences and oppression that can reside within different cultures and marginalized communities such as the LGBTQ+. Grace also sees couples and families alongside individuals to teach and enforce healthy relationships that utilize communication, empathy, and other vital tools.

About Me

Hello, I'm Graciela.

I’m a dual state licensed mental health clinician in Nevada and California — based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I help people find effective methods to solve problems that are tough. I have expertise in an array of niches and services because I thrive in a clinical practice that allows me to see a diverse variety of people and perform a variety of services that use different parts of my clinical skill.

I believe that I can only take my clients as far as I have come in my own development in psychological and emotional growth. I must remain steadfast in self-examination and seek consultation, as needed, to keep my clinical skills ever expanding. It is not optional to provide mental health services that do not take into account culture, faith, regional upbringing, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status (past and present), and other areas of intersectional diversity.


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Looking for a more self-guided experience before or after coming in? Check out Graciela’s published works below and get her expertise right in the palm of your hand.

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Adios Anxiety: Course

This course incorporates stress reduction, teaches mindfulness meditation, builds coping skills, and offers in-course relaxation exercises.

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We utilizes types of psychotherapy that are shown repeatedly in psychological research to provoke significant and effective change.

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